How Do You Eat Açaí? What’s the Best Way to Consume It?

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How Do You Eat Açaí? What’s the Best Way to Consume It?

How Do You Eat Açaí? What’s the Best Way to Consume It? | SAMBAZON

Açaí has stolen the spotlight in the health food community, but how do you eat it? SAMBAZON explains all of the different ways you can consume Açaí here!


How Do You Eat Açaí Berries?

In the past several years, Açaí has become a household name because of its delicious taste and nutritional value. Often regarded as a superfood, Açaí berries have grown to be extremely popular among health-conscious consumers.


You may have noticed that Açaí berries themselves are not available to purchase at supermarkets or grocery stores. So, how are you supposed to actually eat them?

What is Açaí and Where Does It Come From?

Açaí berries are found on the palm trees of the Amazonian rainforest and have historically been a staple of indigenous diets. This nutritional powerhouse is deep purple in color and tastes like a unique mix of mixed berries, dark chocolate, and red wine. Açaí is often regarded as not just delicious, but also as a healthy superfood because it contains antioxidants and healthy omegas.


The Açaí berry itself has a short shelf life, so it is most commonly imported to the U.S. in the form of frozen purée or juice. SAMBAZON created a responsibly-managed supply chain of USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified Açaí that established a direct connection between Brazilian farmers and the consumer. This process ensures that the product is the highest quality on the market while also being ethically sourced, transported, and processed.


Learn more about The SAMBAZON Difference.


What is the Best Way to Eat Açaí?

Açaí may be consumed in a variety of tasty ways. It is popular as the base of smoothies or bowls using frozen purée. SAMBAZON sells several different frozen açaí purée packs that are the perfect base for any smoothie or bowl.


Açaí bowls have become a staple meal in recent years.. The popularity is warranted -- Açaí bowls are the perfect healthy meal packed with nutrients that will keep you energized all day long.


Açaí purée is blended with your favorite ingredients to create a thick smoothie base, then may be topped with fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, granola and much more. These bowls are fully customizable and can be adjusted to suit anyone’s palate.


SAMBAZON has created dozens of popular Açaí Bowl Recipes that are Vegan and gluten-free friendly.


Here are some of our favorites:


Golden Açaí Bowl with Bananas, Berries, and Mango


Homemade Açaí Pistachio Pie Recipe


Cold Brew Açaí Bowl Recipe


Traditional Rio Açaí Bowl Recipe


Homemade Performance Protein Açaí Bowl Recipe


An açaí smoothie has all of the fun and nutrients of an açaí bowl, but in portable form! All you need to do is mix a SAMBAZON Açaí Pack with  your favorite ingredients in a blender, pour it in a glass, and slurp down the goodness -- no cooking required. Similar to an açaí bowl, açaí smoothies are simple to make and fully customizable.


Craving something tropical? Need a caffeine boost? Hoping to add some extra protein into your diet? Our SAMBAZON Smoothie Recipes have you covered!


Check our some of our most popular recipes:


Powerhouse Açaí Protein Smoothie Recipe


Coconut and Papaya Immune Booster Açaí Smoothie Recipe


Açaí Brain Booster Smoothie with Mango, Banana, and Walnut


Cold Brew Coffee Açaí Smoothie Recipe


Oh Maca Mama Vegan Açaí Smoothie Recipe


Buy Açaí Superfruit Packs online today at Sprouts, Kroger, or Giant!



Looking for a healthy, on-the-go drink? We offer several different açaí juice options. We even have an Açaí Energy Juice for a nutritious alternative to coffee or traditional energy drinks.


These juices may be enjoyed on their own, or incorporated into an açaí smoothie or bowl for an extra nutritional boost. Check out whether SAMBAZON’s Fresh Açaí Juices is available at your local grocery store or buy online today at BJ’s!



Açaí is so versatile. We have found delicious ways to incorporate our Fresh Açaí Juices into healthy drinks and even cocktails. Yes, you heard that right… an antioxidant-rich, superfood cocktail. Sounds too good to be true? Give our Açaí Drink Recipes a try and decide for yourself. All of these recipes may easily be made non-alcoholic for a kid-friendly option.


Berry Bourbon Lemonade Açaí Cocktail


Down River Açaí Cocktail


SAMBAZON Sangria Açaí Cocktail


The Macau Mule Açaí Cocktail


Peachy June Bug Punch Açaí Green Tea


Purple Gingerosa Açaí Energy Beverage


For a delicious dessert option…


Açaí Ice Cream Float



We have created the best organic and dairy-free ice cream alternative. Made of organic Açaí puree, SAMBAZON Frozen Açaí Sorbet is delicious, convenient, and vegan and gluten-free friendly. Buy our delicious organic sorbet online at Giant or Instacart!

Where Can I Buy Açaí?

Our Frozen Açaí Packets, Fresh Açaí Juices and premade Açaí Bowls are available at both your local grocery retailer and directly from our website. Check out our Store Locator to find your most convenient location.

Try SAMBAZON’s Açaí Today

We hope that you have learned more about how to eat açaí!

SAMBAZON’s açaí is the highest quality and made with love. We are the first USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified Açaí company. Our Açaí is and will always be Certified Organic and Fair Trade — just the way nature intended.


Together we Açaí

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