Açaí Nice Cream Cookie Sandwich Snack Treat

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Açaí Nice Cream Cookie Sandwich Snack Treat


  • 1 pint Sambazon Original Sorbet
  • 2 of your favorite cookies

How to make it

Let your sorbet soften for a few minutes after you take it out of the freezer.
Grab two cookies (maybe two of the same or switch it up and do one of one flavor and one of the other).
Flip your cookies over so the bottom’s up, scoop a hearty bit of sorbet on one cookie.
Use a spoon to squish it down, add more if you need to.
Seal the deal by topping it with the other cookie. Want to get crazy? Roll it in chocolate chips, or coconut shreds, or goji berries.
Want to get SUPER crazy? Add another layer and boom, your acai ice cream cookie sandwich is ready to enjoy!

Together we Açaí

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