The Sambazon Tribe & Community

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One Tribe, One Vibe

The Sambazon community is a world without borders. It’s our farmers who are dedicated to protecting the biodiversity of the Amazon while improving the lives of their community. It’s the college students who amaze us with their ingenuity when it comes to green initiatives.

It’s the conscious consumers who are committed to feeding their families healthy, nutrient-rich food. It’s the Tribe of incredible individuals who inspire us daily to do our best...It’s you.


Meet the change-makers, artists, athletes, and industry-shakers that keep the love glowing and the smoothies flowing.

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Earthy Andy

Andrea is an earth admirer, island mama, and champion Açaí bowl maker living on the North Shore of Oahu. Most days you’ll find her surfing, adventuring outside, and creating delicious vegan recipes for her family and the world.

Bob Burnquist

Bob is a legendary skateboarder credited for revolutionizing the sport. Besides building the biggest backyard ramp complex in the world, he is also a licensed pilot and sky-diver. Bob also enjoys surfing, training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and eating Açaí of course.

Rob Machado

You might recognize Rob as the soulful pro-surfer from Cardiff, CA. He is also a grade-A musician, leads a foundation empowering and educating younger generations to make sustainable choices, and is a true Açaí enthusiast.

Royce Gracie

Royce is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts legend that has passion and tradition for Açaí. He enjoys teaching and sharing his love for Martial Arts and self-defense with the world.

The Fungineers

We are ecstatic to announce our collaboration with The Fungineers, the LA based music, art, and puppet masters, helping us bring Açaí and Purple Smiles to people far and wide.The Fungineers are a super group of fantastic Funovators who create colorful music, videos, live shows, and more. The synergy of this playful posse offer up an innovative invitation into fresh realms of play and possibility.


We love a good story, and there are some great ones being told about Sambazon and its community. Check them out here.

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