Great Gifts for the Açaí Lover in your Life

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Great Gifts for the Açaí Lover in your Life

On the hunt for the perfect holiday gift? Do you happen to know an Açaí enthusiast or two that would benefit from some accessories to up their smoothie or bowl game at home? Or maybe you're just looking to spoil yourself with some stylish utensils - no judgment here. Whatever, the reason, we have the perfect gifts for the Açaí Lovers in your life this holiday season!

Coconut Bowls

After many years of consuming Açaí deliciousness, we can confirm that it always tastes better out of a Coconut Bowl. And if you're searching for the perfect bowl to enjoy a delicious Açaí smoothie bowl in, you've found it! Sustainably sourced, ethically made, and eco-friendly, our bowls are handcrafted from a coconut shell, sanded smooth, and polished with coconut oil. These coconut bowls have the SAMBAZON logo inscribed so you can always rep your commitment to Organic & Fair Trade Açaí. For more details on this must-have accessory, shop our Coconut Bowl

    Bamboo Cup

    Are you a little more of the on-the-go type when it comes to enjoying your Açaí? Handcrafted from fast-growing bamboo, these polished smoothie cups are the perfect way to enjoy your delicious Açaí smoothie! Our Bamboo Cups are also great for ditching the plastic to-go cups on your daily smoothie run and starting to think sustainably each morning when you blend your own SAMBAZON Açaí Superfruit Pack from the comfort of your own kitchen! 

    Wooden Spoon

    What's a Coconut Bowl without a Wooden Spoon? These spoons are the perfect way to enjoy a delicious Açaí smoothie bowl because they give you a firm strong handle to hold and make stirring easier and more effective. It also is a solid tool for scraping off the last little bits of deliciousness. Get your spoons ready for some yummy Açaí with SAMBAZON inscribed Wooden Spoons!

    Açaí Seed Necklace

    Açaí Seed Necklace

    This Açaí Seed Necklace is handmade by women in local cooperatives who use Açaí seeds to craft and sell unique Açaí jewelry as a supplemental income-generating activity. Be a part of seeding change. Since Açaí berries are about 90% seeds we continually look for sustainable ways to repurpose this by-product. We use seeds as a fuel source at our factories and donate these seeds to other factories so they can use them as fuel as well.

    Bamboo Straw

    Ditch the plastic and sip sustainably with our Bamboo Straws made from natural bamboo stalks. These Bamboo Straws are the perfect pairing for your Bamboo Cup, so that you can enjoy delicious Açaí smoothies and other beverages in style. 

    Açaí Seed Bracelet

    The Açaí Seed Bracelet is also handmade by the woman mentioned above, meaning you can look good and feel good while wearing this gorgeous piece of jewelry knowing that it's providing income to a local Amazon community and repurposing the Açaí seed. The gorgeous purple bead accent highlights the color of the Açaí berry and gives you a wonderful story to tell every time you wear it. 

        Shop sustainably sourced and eco-friendly SAMBAZON accessories that'll take your Açaí enjoyment to the next level.

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