Source and Methodology

Sambazon uses the following source and methodology to calculate that we can help protect 1 species for every 584 acres of rainforest that we preserve.


From Scientific American, there are about ~29,200,000 acres of rainforest that are lost every year to deforestation…we are losing some 135 plant, animal and insect species every day—or some 50,000 species a year—as the forests fall.


Doing the math, that means 50,000 species are lost per every ~29,200,000 acres destroyed. We can then imply that 1 species gets lost per every 584 acres (29,200,200/50,000 = 584). Which means that we can protect one species for every 584 acres that we help preserve.

Based on our donation to the Rainforest Trust’s Conservation Action Fund, $2 will be given per acre and we planned $35,040 donation from Sambazon, this represents a potential of 17,520 acres preserved which would equal to protecting 30 species.

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