Sambazon in the News

We’ve been lucky enough to have some great things written about us over the years and we’re happy to share. From trips to the Amazon to write ups about their favorite Açai Bowls, here are a few of our favorite stories.
  • These Ready-to-Eat Açaí Bowls Come in 3 Delicious Flavors Miss the açaí bowls you used to grab for breakfast or a snack from a cafe or juice bar? Even if your go-to spot has remained opened during the coronavirus pandemic—or reopened after local restrictions were lifted—you likely don't miss the hefty price tag that often comes with those Instagrammable superfood bowls. And your body likely doesn't miss the 65-gram-per-serving sugar rush from it, either. Read More
  • These new ready-to-eat Açaí bowls will be your go-to treat this Summer Typically, if you want to get an açaí smoothie bowl, you have to go to a specialty shop. While it’s worth it to get the frozen treat that’s topped with granola, fresh fruit, peanut butter, or whatever toppings you wish, now you can have one from the comfort of your home. Sambazon has new ready-to-eat açaí bowls that will keep you cool this summer. Read More
  • Sambazon has protected 2.5M acres of the Amazon rainforest–so far Learn all about the mission-driven brand's journey to sustainability in everything from its sourcing methods to its new plant-based packaging venture. Read More
  • Review: Organic Natural Food Coloring Recipes & Premade Dyes Fancy an orange soda? In Britain, by law it will be made with natural dyes coming from things like pumpkin and carrot extract.In the United States, that soda will contain synthetic Yellow 6 and Red 40.Why the dichotomy? It wasn’t because of conspiracy theorists or health nuts over there who insist on organic. Read More
  • How to Start a Food Trend Just a few years ago, Americans thought of chia as a “pet” with funky green grass-hair. Açaí used to be a strange purple goop with a name reminiscent of a Japanese beer. Coconut water was a rarity consumed at Thai restaurants. Yerba mate evoked an image of hippies sipping out of carved gourds. Now chia, açaí, coconut water, and yerba mate have created multi-million dollar businesses and become household staples for thousands of Americans. Read More
  • These Are The Healthiest Energy Drinks You Can Buy Right Now Healthy energy drinks? What was once an oxymoron has come to full fruition, with companies sourcing clean energy from South American superfoods like yerba mate and others using the latest in high-tech science to create buzz-boosting concoctions. Read More
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